Baby's First Book of ZombiesWhat.

Baby’s First Book of Zombies is a hilarious, full-color, 32 page, hardcover book that will help you and your little zombie understand that zombies are just like you! They cry and scream, they don’t sleep very well, they’re kind of messy eaters, and they hate bathtime. Oh, do they hate bathtime!

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Baby's First Book of Zombies Baby's First Book of Zombies
The Book, in all its hilarious glory. Signed by Marc and Justin, with a sketch of our little blue friend.
TWO Books, signed by both authors, one of which will contain a zombie drawing of your family (or someone else’s family if you want!)


Preview (a few pages from the book)

A Baby's First Book of Zombies preview


“My little zombie
LOVES this book!”
-Ginger (mother & educator)


-Zombie family

“We love our book,
and the drawing looks
just like the kids!”